Cardea Insight for Instant Answers
The digital biosensor that links biology directly to networks.  

Cardea’s patented Insight biosensors use the conductive and biocompatible nanomaterial graphene to convert biomolecules into digital elements. This enables biology to connect directly to digital networks, creating unbelievable immediate access to biological data. For the first time, answers can be discovered in digital form, with no translation needed -- and no delay.
Insight biosensors are built with proprietary Field Effect Biosensing (FEB) technology, an electrical technique that measures the current across a biocompatible graphene transistor. Insight biosensors turn the biology being measured into a gate that controls current flow through the transistor. When the relevant  biomolecule is present, current flows, otherwise it doesn’t. Biology is measured in digital form, and the answers are accessible immediately.

FEB enables biosensor miniaturization, opening a new world for platform portability and scalability.

Cardea Insight Biosensor Advantages
Cardea Insight is your spyglass into the current state of your biology, for understanding biological parameters in real time.
Directly detect biomolecules such as proteins, DNA, and RNA, for sensitive, precise results you can count on. 
Open your market to any user with an easy-to-use technology, in form factors that do not require technical training to run. 
Form factors can be designed for single-use portability or high-throughput usage, depending on the needs of the target end user.