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7. June 2022

AGBT 2022 abstract by Dr. Kiana Aran: From CPUs to BPUs : a new generation of transistors for rapid amplification-free genotyping

Introducing the first-generation DNA targeted BPUs that combine CRISPR technology with the...
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3. May 2022

Cardea Bio receives funding to develop electronic nose to rapidly diagnose infectious diseases via breath

Today, Cardea Bio, Inc. - the world's only mass producer of biocompatible semiconductors -...
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27. April 2022

Securing international patents for mass-produced graphene biosensors

Today, Cardea Bio, Inc. - the world's first mass producer of graphene biosensors - shares their...
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5. April 2022

Cardea Bio completes planned launch of CRISPR QC

San Diego, CA -- April 5, 2022 -- Today, Cardea Bio, Inc. - the world’s only mass producer of...
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8. March 2022

Nature Awards Webcasts: Kiana Aran and the future of CRISPR technology

An exciting and inspiring session with our Chief Scientific Officer, Kiana Aran, on the future of...
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2. February 2022

Dr. Kiana Aran Receives NIH Funding to Help Set Quality Control Standards for CRISPR Therapies

Dr. Kiana Aran, Associate Professor of Medical Diagnostics and Therapeutics and head of the Aran...
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10. January 2022

Cardea announces a collaboration agreement with Siemens Healthineers to assess feasibility of real-time applications

San Diego, CA -- January 10, 2022 -- Today, Cardea Bio, Inc. - the world’s only mass producer of...
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9. December 2021

Cardea Bio accelerates commercial platform due to demand from market moving partners

To signal that Cardea Bio, Inc. is investing significantly into the commercialization efforts of...
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1. December 2021

Cardea SNP Chip Named Top 10 Innovation of 2021 by The Scientist

The COVID-19 pandemic is still with us. Biomedical innovation has rallied to address that pressing...
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28. October 2021

Dr. Kiana Aran wins the 2021 Nature Research Award for Scientific Achievement

October 28, 2021 12:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time LONDON & SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Nature, a...
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