Current Cardea Partnerships

Most Cardea partnerships remain under strict confidentiality, and we are very excited for the day we can announce each of them. We are equally excited about the select few partnerships we can talk about and have highlighted them here.


A video intro to our partnership programs

Publicly announced commercial partners

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Precision immunological diagnostics will be a future mainstay in everyday at home and in office testing. Biotome has created novel linear epitopes to assess stomach cancer risk (Helitope®) and SARS-CoV-2 infection (Covitope®). In an effort to provide rapid, at-home testing for stomach cancer and other disease states, Cardea and Biotome have entered into a technology development partnership to usher this product to market. As Biotome’s epitope discovery platform is agnostic, the partnership sets the groundwork to provide tests to consumers in all facets of human health and wellness.

Read the press release here

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is actively using Cardea’s CRISPR-Chip Technology to provide insight into key parameters of editing efficiency. Their assays can determine how well a gRNA is binding to a Cas enzyme, and how well a gRNA + Cas complex is binding to its intended target. This insight allows researchers to select only the best guides and Cas enzymes for their editing experiments – saving significant time and resources that would have otherwise been wasted on using ineffective reagents.

Academic partners

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Keck Graduate Institute

The birthplace of the CRISPR-Chip technology, Dr. Kiana Aran’s academic lab provides a great proving ground for application innovation for our Cardean platform. Keck Graduate Institute, a Claremont college, is one of the leading institutes in biomedical research, combining a strong entrepreneurial program with rigorous scientific research creates a nexus of innovation and development not just for technological applications but for the next-generation scientists. Cardea is proud to continue to support our work with Keck Graduate Institute.

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Cardea is partnered with Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) through a grant awarded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) to develop a sensing platform to detect airborne SARS-CoV-2 particles as part of DARPA’s SensSARS program.

In addition to SARS-CoV-2 surveillance monitoring, Cardea anticipates that with continued development, this real-time pathogen identification technology could have far-reaching civilian, public health, and defense applications, from agriculture and food supply monitoring to protection against biological or chemical warfare.

Read the press release here

A plethora of industries and applications to be served

Cardea's BPU™ Platform is not siloed to any one industry. Anywhere there is life; nature; biology; BPUs can be used to gain valuable insights.



BPUs are currently being used in the pharmaceutical industry for drug discovery and has potential implications throughout the drug development process including kinetic characterizations, quality control, and therapeutic monitoring for all classes of drugs, including biologics.

Gene Editing

With the unique multiplexing capabilities and CRISPR-Chip™ technology, Cardea'sBPU™ Platform can provide unique insight for gene editing workflows across agriculture, human health, and more. From identifying the best Cas enzyme + guide combinations to in-field or Point-of-Care confirmation of successful edits, Cardea has the potential to provide tremendous value across this growing field that has the promise to revolutionize our lives.

Precision Agriculture

Our society depends on the development of sustainable agricultural practices, making precision agriculture a necessary component for our continued growth while safeguarding our environment. Cardea's BPU™ Platform holds promise for in-field genotyping of livestock and plants, runoff monitoring, pest and pathogen identification, new cultivar development, and more.


Along with Biotome and other partners, Cardea's BPU™ Platform is actively being developed into disruptive screening, monitoring, and diagnostic tools for chronic conditions and infectious diseases. Cardea’s all-electronic infrastructure provides unrivaled rapid sample-to-answer times, ultra-high sensitivity, and true-multiplexing, enabling new diagnostics that were only previously dreamed of.

Environmental Monitoring

Cardea has partnered with GTRI and DARPA to develop a novel system for real-time monitoring of airborne SARS-CoV-2 particles. Cardea technology applications run the gamut from water quality testing to identification of agricultural and industrial run-off to biowarfare agents.

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