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For cancer, there are many treatments and options - if - your doctor gets the right information, which only happens - if - you get tested for the right thing at the right time. Unfortunately, that rarely happens today as most cancers show no physical symptoms until advanced stages.

That's why we need a paradigm shift in cancer detection. A shift from the current methods of sporadic testing for cancers - to regularly  monitoring. And that's exactly what next gen liquid biopsy using Cardea's BPU™ platform offers.

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We introduce a new paradigm in understanding how electronics and biology work together: the Biological Processing Unit, or BPU.  Like a CPU or a GPU, a BPU is a type of microchip.

What makes the BPU distinct is the integration of biological material with graphene, silicon, and other electronics materials.

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Cardea’s BPU™ platform consists of BPUs, hardware, software and wetware. The core of the BPU is made up of multiple Cardean Transistors™ - graphene-based biology-gated field-effect transistors.

A functionalized BPU feeds biosignals to the Gateway Reader, that obtains and distributes the digital signal output to the software, the Gateway Analyzer. 

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Our Commercial Partnerships are designed for those who are ready to hit the ground running with their Powered by Cardea™ service. Commercial partners gain access to our current suite of technology to provide the infrastructure for their assay services. As we develop more technology modules, they will become available to our Commercial Partners and used to expand and build their offerings.

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We are as bold and intentional in our COMMITMENT to build a caring, employee-centric culture aswe are in our VISION to change the world with our BPU’s

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Integrating biology into modern electronics via our BPU™ Platform

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The world's first mass produced biocompatible semiconductor - the BPU™ Platform.

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