Commercial Partners

Commercial Partnerships

Our Commercial Partnerships are designed for those who are ready to hit the ground running with their Powered by Cardea™ service. Commercial partners gain access to our current suite of technology to provide the infrastructure for their assay services. As we develop more applications or technology modules, they will become available to our Commercial Partners and used to expand and build their offerings.

Need a module we don’t have? We can custom build what you need to be successful – be it hardware, software, or wetware.



Commercial partners get everything they need to build their Powered by Cardea™ business out of the box.  We include a robotic reader, chips, licensing agreement, and support to get you off the ground quickly.

True Partnership

Our success is your success.  Our expert support team is available to help you navigate your way to your business success-story – whether it is assay development, analytics, or business development.

Unique Access to Cardea Technology

Cardea technology is exclusively available through our partnerships.  Get access to technology that has made the cover of the most prestigious journals and has continued to test the limits of how we interact with the physical and living world. Cardea technology is being actively commercialized by companies across the spectrum from the most innovative start-ups to the world’s largest and most-well known organizations to build products that before were only dreams – products that will revolutionize industries as far spanning as human health, life sciences, precision agriculture, and defense. What killer application do you want to introduce to the world using Cardea technology? Let us know and let’s get started.


Anywhere insight into the living world is valuable, there is a commercial opportunity for Cardea technology. Current partners are building novel services and products in diagnostics, across the food supply chain, in precision agriculture, and to aid in the development of gene therapies and next-generation pharmaceuticals.


Drug Discovery:

The current suite of Cardea technology can be used to provide never available before [ZR1] insight for drug developers and pharmaceutical researchers. Cardea Infrastructure is not burdened by the issues that affect the legacy optical system such as BLI or SPR including challenges with diffraction, detergents, large sample requirements, and highly complex and bulky instrumentation and software.  

Read here about how our partners are using Cardea technology to overcome challenges in drug discovery[ZR2] 

Ready to get started? Let us know here how you want to use Cardea technology for your drug discovery work and our partnership team will be in touch.



Cardea Technology is the only technology that can detect genes without amplification AND perform true multiplexing – imagine being able to examine everything from DNA to antigens, host response markers, antibodies, and more all from the same sample and on the same system. If this wasn’t enough, the Cardea infrastructure does not require expert users or bulky equipment to perform assays. What break-through diagnostic do you want to build using Cardea technology?


Precision Agriculture

Our society depends on the development of sustainable agricultural practices, making precision agriculture a necessary component for our continued growth while safeguarding our environment. Cardea technology holds promise for in-field genotyping of livestock and plants, runoff monitoring, pest and pathogen identification, new cultivar development, and more.

Commercial Partnerships – “Business-in-a-Box”

Commercial partners get everything they need to build their Powered by Cardea business out of the box.  We include the BPU Benchtop, BPUs, and support to get you off the ground quickly.

BPU™ Benchtop

The BPU™ Benchtop is an automated liquid handler that has been custom built to work with Cardea infrastructure and includes the Gateway Reader - where each of the BPUs are read.

You can run up to 16 chips at a time – without any hand pipetting. Customize the protocols and environmental conditions to optimize your assays.

100 BPUs

Receive 100 BPUs to get you familiar with the BPU™ Platform and to get your assay up and running. Each BPU can be functionalized to drive specific and sensitive detection and analysis of your targets. Whether they are nucleic acids, antigens, antibodies, or small molecules, BPUs can be programmed to your biology.

Two weeks of support

Our commercial partner success team is comprised of experienced and expert users of the BPU™ Platform – many having designed and built the systems.

They will help you get familiar with using the BPU™ Benchtop, Gateway Analyzer software, and how to run assays on the BPU™ Platform – ensuring that you are set up for success.

Technology licensing

During the Commercial Partner onboarding process, we will scope out an appropriate license agreement for you to have the freedom to operate your Powered by Cardea™ service or product in your chosen market.

Apply to become a Commercial Partner

We have been contacted by close to a hundreds of organizations that want to build products and services with us.  Since our success hinges on that of our partners and because we can only take on a finite number – we take each partnership we engage in very seriously and expect our partners to match our level of dedication and commitment throughout the product or service lifecycle.   While no team is too small or idea too big, each partner we work with must have the right stuff.

Let us know a little bit about you, your team, the idea you want to commercialize with us, and what will make you our next great partner.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you to build your dream application.

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