Powering the Internet of Biology
Digital biosensors that change the way you see the world.
  Welcome to Cardea
  Life. Connected.
  Cardea is dedicated to making a new dimension of biological knowledge accessible to everyone. For the first time, biology is plugged into the digital ecosystem to provide answers about living molecules – instantly. We create digital biosensor platform solutions that let you disrupt markets and develop new ways to understand the world around us.
Beyond the Lab
The “lab” lengthens wait time for everything. Samples need to be sent to the lab. Tests need to be run and returned. All the while, entire industries hold their breath for answers. What if you could build compact platforms that skip the lab and provide answers onsite, immediately? What sectors could you change forever? Potentially your own?...

Unlocking Biology
Individuals have more access to information about their health than ever, through tracking devices attached to wrists or “smart” objects that collect and analyze data.

Instead of only measuring external physical conditions, what if you could measure internal biological conditions as well? What new levels of personal health could you unlock? 

New Possibilities
The nature of access to information is changing. No longer is it necessary to be a specialized technician with large, expensive equipment to answer biological questions. Now everyone can. Cardea works with our Innovation Partners to develop platforms with revolutionary capabilities that enrich the health and life of every person on earth. What will you invent?