Partnering our way to new usecases

When you partner with Cardea to develop your product or service, you get a true partner that is with you from ideation through commercialization.

Given the level of commitment we put into each partnership, we are highly selective in the partners we chose to work with. Our success is bound at the hip – we succeed when you succeed.

See multiple usecases below.

Endless possibilities with the BPU™ Platform  

Accelerating scientific breakthroughs
It is our responsibility to empower the scientific and product development communities with our technological breakthroughs and proven innovations, as they offer the capability to accelerate our partners’ science to generate products and commercial solutions, with the objective of improving human life. Our commercial partners will allow the world to see the immediate benefits of ‘Powered by Cardea’ solutions now and in the years to come.
Use case #1 - CRISPR QC

Novel CRISPR QC Services to Accelerate Research – Powered by Cardea™

Our partner CRISPR QC is actively using Cardea’s CRISPR-Chip Technology to provide insight into key parameters of editing efficiency. Their assays can determine how well a gRNA is binding to a Cas enzyme, and how well a gRNA + Cas complex is binding to its intended target. This insight allows researchers to select only the best guides and Cas enzymes for their editing experiments – saving significant time and resources that would have otherwise been wasted on using ineffective reagents.

      Run rapid assessments of gRNA - CAS interactions

       Optimize CRISPR designs

       Identify specificity, performance, and the most optimal conditions to select the most robust guide

 Rapid and sensitive CRISPR quality control of gRNA – Cas interactions.
Determine binding interactions of amplicons to Cas Complexes
Determine binding interactions of whole genomic DNA without amplification
Search genomes for sequences & SNPs of interest
Use case #2 - VOC Detection

Biochemical Detection – Powered by Cardea™

Partnering with specialists in insect odorant receptors (IORs), we are creating arrays on our infrastructure to construct a novel platform for detecting volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Using these arrays, we can profile complex mixtures creating "fingerprints" of different aromas and flavors based on their unique VOC compositions. We then compare synthetic or natural samples against these profiles. This allows us to verify the identity and integrity of samples directly and digitally. Potential markets include food & flavoring product lifecycles, environmental monitoring, and in clinical diagnostics.

Food & Flavoring QC

By identifying and creating a library of the unique fingerprints of different flavors & fragrances, companies will be able to quantitatively perform quality control across the supply chain – ensuring the quality and consistency that their customers demand. No more reliance on antiquated methods of human taste testers and subjective evaluations.

Environmental Monitoring

Cardea and Scentian technology together hold the promise to create systems for real-time monitoring of toxins, run-off, and pathogens in air, soil, and water. By recognizing the unique combinatory matrix of VOCs of these compounds, products can be developed to create healthier environments in the home, office, or field.


Scentian’s technology, when Powered by Cardea™, has the potential to be able to detect different diseases by profiling how their unique combination of VOCs bind to the iORs on the Cardea Infrastructure. Patient samples could then be matched against these profiles to potentially be able to “smell” cancer and infectious diseases early on.

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