An introduction to Cardea’s platform

The core of Cardea’s technology are the graphene transistors that make up our BPUs.  The platform is the BPU chip itself.  Just like a CPU, you need something to plug that chip into. A CPU has a chipset, a motherboard, and a BIOS (Basic Input Output System).  A BPU has wetware, a readerboard, and a BIOS.

Our BPU platform is only as useful as the hardware, wetware, and
software used to interact with it.


The readerboards and associated interface boards used to make connections between a computer and the BPU.  These generate the input voltages and read the output voltages from the BPU.


The biochemistry and biology compatible with the BPU. These are the interfaces between the BPU and the biological world.


The code that directs the hardware as to which voltages to apply and when, as well as converting the raw data coming from the BPU into human understandable information.

What will you build with us?

Our growing network of partners operate in markets across diagnostics, research, agriculture, defense, and more - all leveraging Cardea infrastructure to build unrivaled products that create and disrupt their markets.